October is National Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month

Fall is upon us!  October brings us falling leaves, crisp air,
spooky movies and pumpkin everything. 
With all this change to consider, did you know that October is National
Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month?  If you’re
looking to welcome a new addition to your family, you’d be wise to consider the
source.  The ASPCA recognizes the importance
of raising awareness
for homeless animals that often end up in
shelters.  By educating the public on
these warm and affectionate animals, their hope is to urge those seeking a new
companion to consider adopting from a shelter to give these animals a new lease
on life.    

Shelter dogs are not only lovable but the mixed breeds
that are often found in shelters tend to have less health problems than their
purebred counterparts.  The ASPCA
released the findings of a recently conducted poll by Edge Research.  They found that people who chose to adopt
from local shelters are often happier with their experience than those who
purchased from a pet store.  Adopting a
dog from a shelter will not only improve their quality of life, it will also
improve yours.  

If you’re looking to adopt a dog or cat from a shelter in
the NYC/Long Island area, the ASPCA has a great pet
finder tool.
  A few local shelters to
consider are North Shore Animal League
in Port Washington, Little Shelter Animal
Rescue & Adoption Center
in Huntington and the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition in
Brooklyn.  These local shelters are
considered “no kill,” which means that the animals will continue to be cared
for by shelter volunteers and employees until the dog is successfully adopted
by a loving caretaker.

Speaking of caring for your pets, don’t forget to make an
appointment with Bregman Veterinary Group
for your furry friend’s next check up. 
We know how important your pet’s health is to you, and we’re here to
ensure the best quality care available. Call us today!

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