Oral Health Care for Your Pets!

We all know as humans
that taking care of your teeth is one of the most important tasks to do to keep
yourself healthy. This is only a necessity for humans, right? WRONG!
As February was National Dental Health Month, pet owners should have taken their dogs into their local
veterinarian to get their teeth cleaned! As it does cost a little more money
than taking your pet to your local groomer, veterinarians specialize
in this as well so they can prevent dogs from getting gum disease and living a
healthier life- so the expense is worth it!
Believe it or not, some
people might spend more money on accessories for their dogs than they do taking
care of their dogs health. For example, dog collars, beds, leashes and matching
outfits sure make their pets look nice, but if they were to spend more money on
the health of the dog, it would be more beneficial.
According to Dr. Abbie,
veterinary medicine has improved so much over the years, and one of the areas
is in oral care for your pets (pets.sonomaportal.com).
Veterinarians urge pet
owners to bring their pets in at least twice a year to have their teeth
cleaned. Also, continue to brush your dog’s teeth on a daily basis to prevent
any tooth decay. Dog breath doesn’t have to be as bad as everyone thinks it is!
To schedule your
appointment with one of our qualified veterinarians, please give us a call at
one of the Bregman Vet Hospital offices and we’ll be happy to assist you. For
contact information and locations, click HERE.

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