Pet ID Tags Get Great New Look

How many times have you had that feeling where you are
calling your dog to come in from being outside and you get a little worried?
You go outside to look for them and you notice that the backyard gate is
slightly open and your pooch is strolling around the neighborhood. If that
happens way too often, it’s time to invest in something that can help you find
your pet quickly.
Issaquah-based company PetHub has produced link tags that
include a QR code – the barcode-like symbol that can be scanned with a
smartphone to load a website – and an address for an individualized web page,
which the owner can update as needed. It’s like a Facebook profile for your
pet, says PetHub founder Tom Arnold, a place to store and share information about
an animal (
When PetHub won the Dog Fancy Magazine Editor’s Choice Award
last December, it helped get their product out to the public. In the first
three months of 2012, the company sold about 30,000 tags. The main purpose of
these tags is to contact the owner if someone finds their pet, and to find out
if the pet needs any specific medications. 
Starting today, these tags will have a hotline number to
call where operators can help connect the person who found the stray dog to the
owners. Although the tags that were sold before today’s date don’t have the
number listed, the websites do.
If you have any questions about tracking devices for your
pets, you can give us a call at one of our pet hospitals and we can assist you
in any way possible.

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