Pets – The Long Survivors of The Recession


Luckily for your pets, they
have not fallen victim to the current economic crisis. In fact, a new report
published by the Bureau of Labor revealed that from 2007-2011, pet spending has
remained consistent. Pet owners continue to spend an extensive amount of money
on caring for their animal companions. According to, in 2011 alone,
pet owners spent a total of $61.4 billion on pet care – and that’s not including
Here are a few statistics, published by the Bureau of Labor on pet spending in 2011: 
  • 75% of U.S households have
    pets, meaning the average household spent over $500 in pet care. That’s more
    than they spent on men’s clothing ($404).
  • Homeowners went out to eat
    less at restaurants, but continued to spend the same amount on food for their
  • The average household spent
    $183 on pet food, which is more than they spent on bread ($107).
  • Married couples without kids
    at home were the heaviest spenders on their pets.
 The Bregman Veterinary Group encourages all pet owners to
spend an adequate amount of money on pet food and care!
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