Phone App Helps Keep Track of Pet’s Activity


Looking to track your pet’s activity? There’s an app for

Whistle, an iPhone app and monitor worn on a dog’s collar
that was launched last week, measures an animal’s activity throughout the
day.  This is a brand new way for animal
lovers to make sure their pets get the correct amount of exercise and
nourishment each day.  This app can track
how much your pet plays, runs, sleeps and eats. 
It can track changes over time and compare exercise levels with other
dogs of the same breed.  Whistle was
created with input from veterinarians, to help owners detect early signs of
medical problems by showing changes in a dog’s activity level and behavior.  It can become a network of comparisons with
other dogs.  Veterinarians usually do not
receive enough information from the owners to efficiently make a diagnosis;
this app can give them all the information they need.  The app gathers data from a small circular
device that can be easily attached to the dog’s collar.  The rechargeable, WiFi and Bluetooth
compatible device detects motion using an accelerometer, helping to determine
if the dog is playing, walking or resting. 
It also detects changes in behavior, for example if the dog starts
waking up in the middle of the night. 
The lightweight monitor costs $99.95 and the iPhone app is free.  Whistle Labs said that it is currently
gathering data about dog activity by breed and weight for research use. 

This app can create a very useful network that will connect
owners all over the country and provide more information about specific breeds
and sizes that was not available before!

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