Planning a Cat-Friendly Road Trip

Whether you are planning
a road trip or a vet visit, there are ways to make car travel stress-free for
you and your cat.  Create a safe and
comfortable car ride by keeping these travel tips in mind.
Cat Car Travel Tips:
  • Use a Pet Carrier – Always use a pet
    carrier that is big enough for your cat to stand up, turn around, and lie down
    in comfortably.
      You can also help your
    cat feel comfortable in the carrier by placing toys or catnip inside.
  • Create a Sense of Familiarity – Cats
    can be very protective of their territory.
    Making the car part of your cat’s territory is a great way to help him
    or her feel comfortable on trips.
  • Use Positive Reinforcement – Use
    food, playtime, or catnip as a means of positive reinforcement whenever your
    cat spends time in the car.
      When they
    associate the car with good, happy things, they are more likely to be a better
    travel companion.
  • Stop for Bathroom Breaks – If you
    are traveling a long distance, stop for bathroom breaks.
      Harness trained cats can walk at rest areas
    along the way.

Read this article for more tips on how to help
keep road trips comfortable for you and your cat.  You can also contact Bregman Vet Group with
any questions you have about traveling with your pet.  We even offer feline-only boarding!

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