Poisonous Spring Lilies

Photo Source: Wikipedia

Warmer weather has left
us excited for spring!  While you might be looking forward to adding new
flowers and plants to your home, pet owners need to be extra careful.  We remind pet owners that certain seasonal
plants can be deadly to our feline friends.

Although lilies are a
common springtime flower, pet owners should think twice before keeping them
around the house.  It is normal for many
cats to eat plants and grass in small amounts, but these seasonal plants are
dangerous if ingested by your pet.  Calla
and Peace lilies can irritate a cat’s mouth and esophagus, while Lilies of the
Valley can cause abnormal heart rhythm. 
Easter lily
is the biggest danger to your cat.  Even licking the pollen of the Easter lily can
cause your pet to suffer from acute kidney failure.  If a cat eats part of the Easter lily,
whether it is the leaf, flower, or pollen, they will begin vomiting and
urinating frequently.  Early veterinary
treatment is critical in this situation. 
The Food and Drug
Administration is warning pet owners of these serious dangerous and reminding
people to keep these seasonal plants away from pets.  If you suspect your pet is suffering from
ingesting a poisonous plant, contact Bregman Vet Group immediately.  We can help make sure that your pet receives
the treatment it needs.

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