Preparing to Board Your Cat

The summer months are a huge time for family vacations. However, when you take your trip who’s taking care of your cat? Usually, people decide to board their cats in local kennels. When boarding your cat, it’s important to take some necessary steps to ensure your cat is comfortable and safe.

Checking the Kennel 

If you’re bringing your cat to a new kennel in the area, you want to ensure you get to know the kennel. Call the kennel and interview them. Ask the kennel how long they have been in business and ask for references. You can also make surprise visits.

You should also consider the kennel’s requirements. Does your cat need any special vaccinations? If so, you might also need to prove it with a vaccination record. Getting this ready ahead of time can save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Check out the kennel staff. Make sure the staff knows how to care for cats and see if it’s the same person visiting your cat every day. Most importantly, is the staff happy? Staff members with good energy will rub off on your cat and ensure he or she enjoys their time there.

Making Your Cat Comfortable

Once you’ve checked out the kennel, it’s time to make sure your cat doesn’t miss you too much. There are a couple of steps you can take to ensure your cat enjoys his time at the kennel.

Food: Firstly, it’s very important not to make any severe diet changes before your trip. Make sure you bring your cat’s food to the kennel. Changing their diet can cause gastrointestinal upset. Keeping their diet consistent at the kennel will make it easier for your cat to settle in.
Bring toys: Pack your cat’s favorite toys, blankets or article of clothing to keep them company. These objects are familiar to your cat and smell like home. These will help make your cat more comfortable.
Vaccination records: Bring copies of your cat’s vaccination records, medications with instructions and record of spay or neutering. Kennels usually have age requirements about when your cat should be spayed or neutered and what vaccinations they must have.

Lastly, consider any other needs your cat may have. Make sure you provide the kennel with everything needed to support your cat’s daily routine.

Preparing for Drop Off 

When your preparing to drop off your cat, there are some last-minute ends to tie up. First, make sure the kennel has all your contact information. You should plan for the unexpected so include your cell phone and emergency contacts.

In case of a health emergency, give the kennel instructions on how to proceed. Leave them the name and number of your usual veterinarian. Leave instructions on what you do and don’t do during emergencies. Also, be sure to leave your credit card info and make sure the kennel has the authorization to make charges on it. You wouldn’t want your cat waiting on the care it needs because of a credit card authorization.

Finally, leave any other instructions the kennel will need for your cat. For example, if your cat takes a pill with his food, make sure you add the name of the medication and the instructions. You can also leave a name and number in case the kennel has any questions.

Don’t let your pet keep your family from adventuring this summer. Taking these necessary steps when deciding to board your cat will allow you to go on your vacation with ease. With these steps in mind, you can ensure your cat has a safe and comfortable home away from home.

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