Protect Your Pet with a FREE Microchip!

Protect your pet with a free microchip offered by the Bregman Vet Group!
Get a Free Microchip for your cat or dog with any spay or neuter appointment. Animal shelters and animal control cnetners use microchips by quickly and efficiently returning pets to their owners. 
The small, grain-of-rice sized microchip is inserted under your pets skin, and has a unique number embedded on it. When registered, this number is linked to owner information so your pet can be safely returned to you.
For more information, contact one of the Bregman Vet Grouplocations
There are 3 locations in Brooklyn: Midbrook Animal Hospital (718-645-7744), 5th Avenue Cat Clinic (718-398-1187) and Paws andClaws Veterinary Hospital (718-782-8387); and one Long Island Location, The CatHospital in Williston Park (877-228-4131). 
For more information on the Bregman Vet Group and their services, visit

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