Protect Your Pets From Holiday Hazards This Year!

With the holiday’s quickly approaching, we’re sure everyone is
looking forward to enjoying the season and the many festivities that come along
with it! However, be sure to keep an extra eye out on your furry friends at
this time.

You’re not the only one who enjoys the holiday season – pets
do also! You can bet that at some point they’ll try and snag a couple scraps
from the table of have some fun with your decorations.
However, here are a couple of ways to protect your pets from
holiday hazards!

Decorate Wisely – If you have pets running around the house,
try to avoid having plants around such as poinsettias or holly. If you must
have these items in your home around the holidays, put them in a location that
pets won’t be able to reach.  Tinsel and
ribbons also possess danger for your pets. They usually tend to ingest
stringier decorations and it can lead to intestinal obstructions.

Avoid the Problem – If there are certain areas in the house
that your pet frequents, try to keep any items that may be dangerous to them
(such as candles) out of the area. Also, there are many new technologies that
can assist you with this process such as Invisible Fence Brand Micro Shields
Avoidance Solutions.

Watch Your Plate – As many pet owners already know, there
are tons of table foods that are unsafe and unhealthy for pets to consume. Pets
can easily choke on bones from roasts or consume chocolate from a dessert and
become very ill. Be sure to remind your guests not to leave any plates lying
around and to refrain from feeding your pets anything off their plate.

We hope that you take the proper precautions in keeping your
pets safe this upcoming holiday season! Do you have any other suggestions on
how to keep pets safe during the holidays? Let us know on our Facebook page,

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