Protecting Your Pet From The Weather

These last few years we have seen drastic and unseasonably
warm and cold weather. As these weather trends continue to happen, now would be
a great time to refresh on how to best keep your furry friend safe and protected
with the ever-changing weather conditions. 
First and foremost, your pet should have their wellness
exam. It is recommended to have a yearly checkup. This will help ensure their
continued good health through the seasons.
Many people believe because of their fur that pets are more
tolerant of the cold, this is untrue. Pets are just as susceptible to
hypothermia and frostbite as their human counterparts are.  This is why it is important to understand
your pet’s ability to tolerate the cold. Pets with shorter hair and thinner
coats will feel the cold much quicker, whereas pets with longer and thicker
coats may be able to tolerate the cold better, but they too can still be
affected. A jacket/coat is a great option for pets as well. Depending on your
local climate you may want to consider shortening the length of the walks you
take with your pet too.
Summer heat can be just as dangerous, as pets can suffer
heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Symptoms include panting heavily, lethargy,
drooling, vomiting and collapse. If you plan to take them outdoors try to walk
them early morning or in the evening. Avoid hot sidewalks and blacktop to keep
their paws from burning. Utilize shade when you can to help them stay out of
direct sunlight and stay cooler. Ensure they stay hydrated too by having water
with you during your walks. 
As weather can greatly vary depending on your geographic location,
so will your approach to protecting your pet. We want to help ensure the safety
of your furry friends and hope you find these tips useful!

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