Raccoon collected in South Brooklyn Tests Positive for Rabies


Attention all pet owners: A message from the Department of
Health & Mental Hygiene.
Pet owners, earlier this month a raccoon that was collected
in the Sea Gate area of Brooklyn tested positive for rabies. To date, this is
the fourth raccoon to test positive in Brooklyn for rabies. However, it
indicates rabies may now be present in South Brooklyn.
We highly recommend that you check with your veterinarian that
your pets are up-to-date on all rabies vaccinations.
  • A few friendly reminders to pet owners:
  • Avoid contact with wild and stray animals.
  • Make sure your cat or dog is up-to-date on all rabies
  • Avoid leaving your pets outdoors unattended and feed them
  • Avoid trying to separate animals that are fighting.
  • Contact the Bregman Vet Group if your pet has been in
    contact with a raccoon, skunk, bat or any animal that be rabid.

We encourage you to report all suspected rabies cases to the
Veterinary Public Health Services, Bureau of Communicable Diseases and the NYC Poison
Control Center.  
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any one of our locations.

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