Racoons in Staten Island Continue to Test Positive for Rabies


Attention Pet Owners: A message from the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

Pet owners, since January 2013, 35 raccoons in Staten Island have tested positive for rabies. The 35 raccoons have been collected from several neighborhoods in the Staten Island area.
Maintaining vaccination against rabies is required for all dogs and cats in the New York City area. Any unvaccinated dog or cat that may have been exposed to a rabid animal is required to enter six-month isolation under observation in an approved facility or be euthanized. If a pet is up to date with rabies vaccine, but potentially exposed to a rabid animal, a booster vaccine should be given immediately, and the owner should be instructed to confine and observe the animal for 45 days in the owner’s home.

Any healthy pet, dog or cat, that has been bitten is required to be confined and observed by the owner (in most instances) for 10 days. If the animal isn’t currently vaccinated against rabies, vaccination should not occur until after the completion of the 10 day period.

We encourage you to report all suspected animal rabies cases to:

  • Veterinary Public Health Service: 646-632-6604
  • Bureau of Communicable Diseases: 347-396-2600
  • NYC Poison Control Center: 212-764-7667

A few friendly reminders for pet owners:

  • Avoid contact with wild and stray animals.
  • Make sure your cat or dog is up to date on rabies vaccinations.
  • Avoid leaving your pets outdoors unattended and feed them indoors.
  • Avoid trying to separate animals that are fighting.
  • Contact the Bregman Vet Group if your pet has been in contact with a raccoon, skunk, bat or any animal that might be rabid. 

If your pet isn’t up to date on vaccinations, please contact any one of our locations and make an appointment immediately. For more information, visit us on the web.

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