Recent Raccoon Attacks Prompt Rabies Scare

Recent raccoon attacks are prompting officials to warn patrons about feeding animals outdoors.
According to a recent article published by The Sacramento Bee, two residents of downtown Sacramento were recently attacked by a raccoon in the last week. Both residents were out walking their dogs when the attacks occurred.
Health officials urge people in all areas to avoid feeding animals outdoors as the food attracts wild animals closer to homes. Raccoons, skunks, squirrels and other wild animals are “drawn to populated areas when food is available. To avoid attracting the animals, officials recommend that residents feed their pets indoors. If it is necessary to feed the pet outside, remove the food as soon as the animal finishes eating,” (The Sacramento Bee). 
Wild animals bring the risk of rabies too close for comfort. Any pet bitten or scratched by either a wild mammal or bat that is not available for testing should be regarded as having been exposed to rabies (CDC). Keep your pets safe by having them vaccinated against rabies. Unvaccinated pets are at high risk for rabies and if contracted face eutanization or strict isolation for 6 months. 
To have your pet vaccinated, call The Bregman Vet Group to schedule an appointment in one of the Brooklyn locations or on Long Island. Locations and contact information is linked here at

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