Regular Checkups: Very Important For Your Pets

Most people schedule their annual check-up with their
doctors like clockwork to make ensure they are doing well and continuing to
stay healthy. The same should go for your pets!

Due to the struggling economy, regular pet visits have gone
down in the past few years as people are struggling to pay other bills. But
what they don’t realize is that if they don’t have the regular visit, the
problems with pets could get more severe, and cost even more money.

A Bayer Veterinary Care study last year found that 24% of
pet owners agreed that routine checkups for the animals are unnecessary. The
same study showed 33% of dog owners and 41% of cat owners thought their pet did
not need to be vaccinated each year (
“We’ve seen a large rise in emergency care where people have
waited too long, and we see them here on a life threatening basis,” said Dr.
Jay Hriez from Ebenzer Animal Hospital in Rock Hill, SC. “The cost of
preventative care is so much less for what it costs when something goes wrong
down the road. We’re not here to rip you off, but to help your pet and make
them healthy.”
If you have not scheduled your regular check-up with your
pet, please make sure you call us at one of the Bregman Vet Hospitals. We want
to make sure that your pet is healthy and take precautions to see that they
stay healthy!

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