September is National Preparedness Month


Are you prepared in the event of an emergency?  Every household should have an emergency plan in place that includes all of your family members, including your pets!  The American Red Cross offers a few ways to include your pets in your emergency preparation plans.

Emergency Pet Preparation Tips:

  • Identify Pet-Friendly Disaster Shelters – Many disaster shelters do not allow pets.  Contact hotels and motels outside of your local area and check their policies on accepting pets.  In some cases, a “no pet” policy may be waived in an emergency.
  • Talk to Your Family – Family members and friends who live out of town may be able to shelter your animals after an emergency. 
  • Create a Pet Emergency Preparedness Kit – Keep medications, medical records, food, drinkable water, and other important pet essentials in an easily accessible duffle bag.
  • Have Comfortable Transportation – Make sure that you have a sturdy leash, harness, or carrier to transport your pet safely.
After a disaster, it’s important to keep an eye on your pets.  They may feel stressed and disoriented.  Read this article for more tips on how to include your pets in your emergency plans.  You can also contact Bregman Vet Group for any of your pet’s veterinary needs.

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