Spring Pet Precautions

Photo Source: Flickr / Tambako the Jaguar

Happy spring!  Now
that the days are longer and the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to start

about preparing your pet for the spring.  We want to remind pet owners to get their
pets ready for the change in season before heading outside.

  • Heartworm Prevention – Warmer
    weather means mosquito season.
    that are spread through mosquito bites are very dangerous to pets.
      Once the temperature hits 55F, we recommend
    that pet owners take preventative steps.
  • Flea and Tick Prevention – Before taking
    your pet on a nature walk, make sure that they are on preventative
      Fleas and ticks are
    difficult to get rid of and can carry a number of diseases, including Lyme
  • Seasonal Allergies – Pets can suffer
    from allergies too!
      Instead of getting a
    stuffy nose, your pet might scratch more often or experience ear troubles.
      If your pet is exhibiting any symptoms, be
    sure to bring them into our office for a checkup.
  • Exercise Warm Up – You probably didn’t
    spend a lot of time with your pet outside in the cold winter months.
      Just like us, pets tend to gain weight in the
      Exercise is good, but be aware
    of increasing exercise too quickly to avoid injury.
  • Microchips – If your pet is going to
    be spending more time outdoors, consider getting a microchip.
      This is a great way to identify your pet in
    the event they get lost.
      We offer free
    microchips with any regularly priced spay or neuter!

more about how you can care for your pet this spring.   Contact one of our offices to bring your
pet in for a checkup and to take preventative steps for their health. 

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