Spring Preparation

As the seasons begin to change and winter fades into Spring, and the April showers start to bring May flowers, it’s time to start getting your furry friend ready too. They will be happy with the weather and the rains will mean fresh new grass to run and play on. As a pet owner though, you want to ensure their health as head into Spring.

Slowly Increase Exercise

Depending on your locations winter, your pet may have been less active than normal. This could have lead to weight gain and a decreased level of energy. Encourage them to take things slowly as quickly getting back into being highly active or exercising could lead to injuries. If you plan to start outdoor exercise consider including your pet.

Yard Inspections

Winter season can be harsh, and depending on your location can affect your yard in a variety of ways. To ensure your pets safety give your yard a good overall inspection. Check for debris, fallen tree branches, trash, debris, and anything that could pose a danger to your furry friend.

Seasonal Allergies

If winter season where you are was above average on snow/rain then you could be experiencing allergies all ready. Just like you, pets are not immune and may show signs too. Unlike humans, pet allergies manifest through their skin so be on the lookout for excessive scratching and licking. If you see signs be sure to schedule an appointment for a Veterinary visit.


As the weather warms those fleas and ticks that made it through winter will be back in full force. Along for warm up ride, mosquitos and Heartworm which can be carried by them. If you have not taken the steps to treat your pet with a preventive Heartworm, Flea, and Tick medication then now is the time.

Now that all that has been covered, it’s time to have some fun! Start enjoying the warmer weather with pet playtime and walks!

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