Spring Safety Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe


Spring has sprung and warm weather is on the way. Although
gardening and spring cleaning are probably on your mind, be sure to keep an
extra eye out on your furry friends during this time of year!

Before you set out to begin your favorite springtime
activities, take your pet’s health into consideration. To help you out this
spring, here are a few tips for springtime safety, courtesy of aspca.com!

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Screen yourself – Many pet owners enjoy opening windows and
letting the fresh air in during springtime. However, be aware of your pets near
window screens. Pets are known for falling through screen windows, especially
cats! Be sure that all of your screens are snug and sturdy!

Buckle up – We know that when spring hits, pet owners enjoy
bringing their pets along no matter where they’re headed. Although your pet may
love to feel the cool breeze on their face, letting your pets hang out of the
car windows or ride in your pickup truck – it’s extremely dangerous! If you’re
going to bring your pets along for the ride, be sure that they are secure in a
crate or a 
seat belt that is designed especially for them!

Spring Cleaning – Spring cleaning is a springtime must in
many households. However, be aware of the products you’re using around your
pets. Be sure to keep all cleaning products and chemicals out of your pet’s

Poisonous Plants – Spring is the ideal time to let your
garden grow! Be sure that the plants in your garden 
aren’t hazardous to your
pet. Many springtime plants including rhododendron, Easter lilies and azaleas
are highly toxic to pets!

Allergies – Just like their owners, pets can be allergic to
food, dust, plants and pollen. If you suspect your pet may have any springtime
allergies, contact your vet to schedule an appointment! 

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