Springtime Pet Safety

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Springtime means warmer
weather and more time spent outdoors.  As
you get ready for the change in seasons, remember to keep your pet’s safety in
mind.  The ASPCA offers a
few seasonal tips to keep your pets safe this spring.
Spring Safety Tips:

  • Easter Candy – Chocolates and
    candies are toxic to most pets, including cats and dogs.
  • Window Screens – As the weather
    warms you want to open your windows to let fresh air in.  Make sure that you have screens in your
    windows to keep pets from falling or jumping outside.
  • Cleaning – Spring is a great time to
    clear clutter and clean your home.  Remember
    to keep cleaners and chemicals away from your pets.  Don’t leave home improvement products like
    paints, nails, staples and power tools out in the open.
  • Gardening – Many popular springtime
    plants are highly toxic to pets, including rhododendrons, azaleas, and Easter
    lilies.  Pet parents should also be
    careful when using fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides on their lawns and
  • Allergies – A change in seasons
    brings about allergy problems for both you and your pet.  If you notice your pet might have springtime
    allergies, bring them to our office!
Read more about springtime safety
tips on the ASPCA
.  You can also contact our office with any questions or
concerns you have about your pet’s health!

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