Submit Your Pictures to The Bregman Vet Group!

The Bregman Vet Group is asking you to get involved!

We’re encouraging our patients to send in pictures taken at any of the Bregman Vet Group locations, and/or one of our furry friends!

These pictures will be uploaded to The Bregman Vet Group Flickr account to share with the Bregman Vet Group family and possibly featured on the weekly blog postings!

If you don’t currently have any pictures to submit, pull out your camera (or camera phone!) and get snapping! Take pictures of your pet playing, eating, relaxing or making a trip to the Bregman Vet Group.

Please send all pictures to with a short description of the picture, the Bregman Vet Group location shown, yours and your pets name. We look forward to seeing your pictures!

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