Take Your Dog to Work Day is This Friday!


This Friday, June 21,
is the official Take Your Dog to Work Day! As exciting as this is for
you to show off your four-legged friend, there are still some steps you
should take in prepping for their office debut.

allergies, coworkers who are afraid of dogs, and potty accidents are a
few things to consider. As long as these challenges are addressed
properly, this year’s Take Your Dog to Work Day should run smoothly –
for you, your office, and your pup!

See below for 5 challenges you should be aware of this Friday:
  1. Coworkers who are allergic to dogs: Talk to your coworkers prior to Friday.
    Make sure your pooch is freshly bathed and keep him out of your
    coworker’s area should they be allergic. Then just make sure you or the
    janitorial staff thoroughly cleans all areas your dog visited
  2. Coworkers who are
    afriad of dogs: Traumatic dog experiences happen, and sometimes those
    people never get over their fear. If you have a coworker afraid of dogs,
    never leave your dog unattended and be sure to keep him away from the
    coworker the entire day (no matter how friendly your dog is!)
  3. Your dog doesn’t like
    your office: Having a needy and fearful dog at work isn’t good for your
    dog, or for your productivity. See if you can take your dog for a test
    run before the official day. If not, bring a favorite toy or doggie bed,
    a little bit of home to make him feel comfotable
  4. Potty accidents:
    Accidents happen, no matter how well trained your pooch may be. Be
    proactive and take your dog outside more often than you normally would.
    An accident could be quite alarming to coworkers who don’t own pets
  5. Distractions: A cute
    dog is always a distraction, no matter the situation. Think ahead! Maybe
    a 3-month-old puppy isn’t ready to bring to the office, but an older
    well trained dog is.
Are you planning to take your dog to work with you this Friday? Let us know on our Facebook page! Feel free to share your own tips on how to prep your pooch!

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