Thanksgiving Pet Safety

The holiday season is upon us, and as Thanksgiving approaches family and friends will be coming together. This time of year also means risks for pets as well. Whether traveling with your pet or having guests, ensure the proper precautions are taken to ensure holiday foods and sweet treats are kept away from your furry friends to help ensure they stay safe and healthy during the holiday season. Here are some steps to help keep them safe.

While holiday food is fun to feast out on, it’s not good for your pets to join you in feasting. Poultry bones can be damaging to their digestive tract, fatty foods are hard to digest and those amazing sweets have ingredients that can be poisonous to pets.

  • Holiday meal stays on the dining table – Eating turkey skin can be dangerous and could lead to pancreatitis. Fatty foods are also difficult for pets to digest. Some items you may consider healthy actually aren’t, such as raisins, onions, and grapes. 
  • Desserts – This definitely a no for your pets. Chocolate is harmful and ingredients like xylitol found in sugar-free foods can be deadly. The dough used in baking can also be dangerous due to the yeast, which can cause gas and dangerous bloating. 
  • Trash – Ensure the holiday meal trash is not easily accessible by your furry friends. Items like the turkey carcass or items used in preparation and cooking of the meal can be enticing, so ensure your furry friend is not able to access it once you dispose of it. 
  • Decorations – Remember that some holiday plants and flowers can be toxic for pets. Included in this are some of the common holiday plants such as hydrangeas, certain ferns, and baby’s breath. 
  • Take Action –  If you think your pet has eaten something it shouldn’t have or been poisoned, call your veterinarian or local veterinary emergency clinic immediately!  Signs of pet distress include sudden changes in behavior, depression, pain, vomiting, or diarrhea. Contact your veterinarian immediately. 

We hope these tips are helpful for you and your furry friend during the holiday season, and if you are traveling we hope you have safe and fun travels to your destination!

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