The 5 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the US


With over 63 million households in the United States owning a dog, it’s easy to see who man’s best friend truly is. From tiny pups to massive dogs, these four-legged friends come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and temperaments to fit the families they join. While some dogs are consistently considered the most popular, the trends are ever-changing. The American Kennel Club publishes their ranking each year for the most popular dogs in America.  

With more people spending time indoors in 2020 than ever before, thousands of families bought pets, especially puppies and dogs, and the rankings look a little different than years past with some dogs ranking higher than expected. Read below to learn what the top 5 dogs in the United States for 2020 were according to the American Kennel Club.
The most popular dog breed was the Labrador Retriever
The Labrador retriever has been on the top of the list since 1991 and is known as one of the friendliest dog breeds. These dogs typically weigh between 55 and 80 pounds and are playful and have tons of energy. Labrador retrievers fit great into families with kids because they are so friendly, outgoing, and are loyal companions.  
The second most popular breed in 2020 was the French Bulldog
French bulldogs, also known as “Frenchie’s,” surprised many as they surpassed the German Shepherd Dog and Golden Retriever for the first time and made it to the number two spot in 2020. These little pups are the smallest of the top five breeds with most of them weighing under 28 pounds and standing at a mere 11-13 inches. While they have consistently been on the top 10 list in recent years, this year was the first time they ranked at number two! 

Next up are German Shepherd Dogs
German Shepherds are large dogs that are known for having regal, intelligent, and courageous personalities. They are fiercely loyal and are famous for working with law enforcement and the military in high-stress situations. German Shepherds are relatively easy to train, and their bravery and loyalty have made them consistently rank high among other dog breeds on the top lists for the US. 

Ranking at number four is the Golden Retriever
When people think of American dogs, the first breed that comes to mind for many is the Golden Retriever. These beautiful medium-large dogs are known for being incredibly loving and playful and make great disability assistance dogs, especially for the blind. Because Goldens are so devoted and good-natured, they make amazing pets and have been ranking towards the top of the list for years. 

Bulldogs are the fifth most popular breed in the US
Bulldogs have ranked fifth on the list of the top breeds in the US since 2017 and have been some of the most popular dogs in America for decades. These medium-sized dogs weigh between 40 and 50 pounds and are calm, courageous pups. Their rolling loose skin makes for adorable puppies and distinctive adult features that families love.  

While these five breeds have been consistently ranking at the top of the list for years, mixed breeds like Goldendoodle and Cavachon are growing in popularity too. Because the American Kennel Club only ranks purebreds, it’s possible that mixed breeds could rank high on these lists too and some of the most popular ones even happen to be a mix of the top purebreds. While the top dog breeds may vary, the popularity of having a dog isn’t going anywhere any time soon.  

Depending on the type of dog breed you have at home, there may be specific diets, lifestyles, and habits you need to form in order to provide them with the best care. According to the AVMA, you and your veterinarian make up the all-star team when it comes to keeping your pet healthy. It’s important to do research on the dog breed you love before committing to adding them to your family and then work with your vet to give them the best care you can. If you are ready to schedule your next vet appointment at the Bregman Veterinary Group, reach out to our team today. We can’t wait to meet your new pup!

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