The History of the Bregman Veterinary Hospitals

Dr. Jack Bregman graduated from the University Of
Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine in 1966 and established the first of
the Bregman Veterinary Group hospitals in 1970 in the Midwood section of Brooklyn.
His son Eric joined the practice in 1995 and other son Allan joined in 2002.
Bregman Veterinary GroupIn June of 1998, the Bregman Veterinary Group expanded to
Williston Park, Long Island with the purchase of The Car Hospital. This is a
feline-only practice that offers a full array of veterinary care for your
feline pet in a quiet, stress-free environment. In 1999, we established the
Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center at The Cat Hospital. For the last 12
years, we have been able to offer Radioactive Iodine therapy for hyperthyroid
In 1999, we established the 5th Avenue Cat Clinic
in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Modeled after The Cat Hospital, this clinic provides
feline-only veterinary medicine, surgery and boarding in a similar, peaceful
Then, in 2004, we established our largest facility in
Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Paws and Claws Veterinary Hospital offer
veterinary care for cats and dogs. Separate exam rooms are available for dogs
and cats to provide a pleasant environment for us to examine and treat your companion
animals. We are also pleased to offer minimally invasive surgery, as well as
laser surgery and endoscopy at our facility.
The following is available at all four of our locations:
Wellness exams, routine vaccinations, dewormers,
and flea/tick/heartworm preventatives
Routine surgical procedures including spay and
Dentistry procedures, including the availability
of Digital Dental X-Ray
Veterinary medicine, including laboratory
evaluation of blood, urine and tissue
Advanced imaging, including digital radiology
and ultrasound with the incorporation of  board-certified radiologists to review
the images
Endoscopic procedures and biopsy of the upper
gastrointestinal tract
Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, including
bone-plating and pinning
Surgical CO2 lasers that decrease pain,
swelling, bleeding and recovery time for select surgical procedures
Prescription pet foods manufactured by Hills,
Purina and Royal Canin
Feline boarding
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