The Importance of Vaccinating Your Pet!

If you are a pet owner like me and have suffered through the
illness of your pet, this blog is a must read. My boxer Rusty gave birth to an
albino. I didn’t even have a chance to name the little chap before he died on
me. I am not sure if I could have done anything to save him, but it still
pinches me every now and then. Although this little story in really unrelated
to pet vaccinations and the importance of it but this is my way of empathizing
with the pain you suffer when your pet gets sick.

I cannot stress enough the importance of regular
vaccinations and vet visits for your pet.  Regular vaccinations will safe guard your pet
from fatal illnesses such as rabies or leptospirosis. Pet vaccinations will also protect your other pets from any
contagious illnesses. Not only that, humans can contract life threatening
illnesses from infected pets. Therefore it behooves us pet lovers to make sure
that they get regularly checked and vaccinated by their vets.

A little tidbit
of information: Dogs and cats are more likely to catch infections. In any case
act before it is too late. I know what it is like to lose a beloved pet. For
more information on vaccinations for your pets you can visit the “Vaccinate
your pet” campaign online at

You can also
contact The Bregman Veterinary Group for the best services ranging from routine
vaccinations, dentistry procedures to feline boarding. Click on for more information.

If you haven’t
already, vaccinate your beloved pet today!

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