The Reunion Veterinary Hospital Celebrates a Pet Friendly Halloween

Halloween Safety Tips from Reunion Veterinary Hospital
Halloween is right around the corner.  As you and your kids get ready for the festivities, don’t forget to keep your pets in mind!  These Halloween safety tips can help make sure your whole family enjoys a safe and Happy Halloween.
Place Candy Bowls Out-of-Reach – 
While trick-or-treaters love candy, your pets don’t. Chocolates & other Halloween candies with xylitol can be poisonous to pets.  Be sure to keep your candies in a safe place when waiting for visitors.
Light Your Jack-o-Lantern Safely – 
Candles and jack-o-lanterns should be out of reach of your pet.  If your pet gets too close, they may accidentally knock it over, burning themselves or causing a fire.
Try On Pet Costumes Beforehand –
Not all pets like to wear costumes.  However, if you are planning a Halloween costume for your pet, make sure that it is comfortable.  If your pet seems anxious or stressed while wearing the costume, celebrate with a festive bandanna instead!
Keep Pets Away From the Door – 
Your door is constantly opening and closing on Halloween as strangers come to visit.  Keep your pet in a safe place to prevent them from running out the door or growling at trick-or-treaters.
Our experienced veterinarians can help you and your pets enjoy a fun and safe Halloween.  If your pet does ingest anything toxic this Halloween, contact our office immediately.

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