The TODAY Show Features Colorado Family Reunited With Their Pet Thanks to Microchipping!

After 5 long years, Willow, a cat from Colorado, was reunited with her family in NYC. 
This morning, The TODAY Show featured a touching story on the Squires, a family from Broomfield, Colorado who lost their pet 5 years ago. Thanks to the wonderful advances in technology, the Squires were able to find Willow, and bring her home.
A tiny microchip brought huge smiles to the Squires faces. It is placed inside your pet by a veterinarian, and is used to locate their whereabouts. This grain-of-rice sized chip stores a unique radio frequency number that is read by a scanner. It costs as little as $15 to microchip your pet and register the contact information on one of three major databases. 
This tiny piece of technology brought tears and joy for the Squires family, as it helped locate their missing cat and bring her back home. Willow was implanted with a microchip when she was a kitten, a suggestion all vets make to pet owners.
Chris, Willow’s owner, told the TODAY’s Matt Lauer, “We actually think it should be almost a requirement, like (when) you get rabies shots, get your cat microchipped, (or) your dog microchipped… It is very important.”
5 years ago, Willow wandered out of her home when a contractor left the Squires front door open during a home renovation project. After weeks and months of frantic emails, online advertisements, posters throughout town and checking shelters, the Squires assumed something terrible had happened to their beloved cat, and that she would not be returning home.
On September 14, a man brought Willow into Animal Care & Control in New York, claiming he found her on East 20th Street. “A quick scan identified a microchip implanted when she was a kitten. The chip contained a code linked to a database of owner information. Despite moving from Broomfield to Boulder, the Squires had updated their information, making it easy for authorities to contact them,” (
Willow appears to be unharmed and well cared for over the past 5 years. She has put on a significant amount of weight a and flaunted a shiny top coat. The Squires expressed gratitude for whomever has helped care for their pet over the years.
Julie Bank, executive director of NY’s Animal Care & Control, said “the unlikely reunion underscored the importance of implanting microchips in pets. All animals in city shelters get the chips before they’re adopted,” (
The Bregman Vet Group performs implants of microchips on a daily basis. Visit for contact information and Vet locations across Brooklyn and on Long Island. It is extremely important to not only have your pet microchipped, but to register the code on one of the three major databases, and keep that information up to date. 

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