Things To Think About When Traveling With Your Pet

Before you take a long trip and decide to bring your pet
along with you, you should sit down and think about what you need to do to make
sure that this trip is pleasant and safe for them and yourself.
First things first, make sure your pet is comfortable with
traveling. Some pets cannot handle travel because of an illness, their age or
temperament. If you pet is not good with travel, you should consider a reliable
pet-sitter or talk to your veterinarian about boarding facilities in your area
You should also consider having your pet implanted with a
microchip, which will improve your chances of getting your pet back if it
becomes lost. The microchip must be registered with your current contact
information, including a cell phone number. A tag is included when you have a
microchip that has the microchip number and the cell number of the owner, so
when the pet is found, people can use the tag to determine ownership of the
Also, make sure your pet is allowed to stay wherever your
destination may be. Some places will allow pets, while others have strict
policies against pets. You may also want to bring a portable kennel if you are
planning on leaving your pet unattended.
Finally, if you are taking your pet out of the country, you
need a health certification. It must be signed by a veterinarian after they
have been examined and found to be free of disease. Their vaccinations must be
up-to-date in order for the certification to be fully complete.
If you have any other questions or concerns about traveling
with your pet, feel free to reach out to us at one of the Bregman Vet Hospitals
and we will assist you the best we can.

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