Think Twice Before Giving a Pet as a Gift this Holiday Season!

If you’re considering buying one of your loved ones a pet as
a gift this holiday season, there are a couple of things you may want to
consider before doing so.

You may be thinking who wouldn’t love a pet as a gift? Many
people would be overjoyed to receive a pet; however, this gift comes along with
a lot of responsibility! If you’re seriously considering bringing a pet into
your home, take some time out to think about it and talk it over with your

Here are a few reasons why a pet may not be the best gift this
  • A return policy could put the animal’s life in danger
  • It’s not a gift, it’s a responsibility
  • Its long term
  • It’s unfair to the pet and recipient
  • Someone may be allergic
  • The holiday season is busy enough
  • Your kids’ responsibility may turn into your own
  • How will the animal respond?

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