This Sheriff’s Department Veterinarian Is One Of A Kind

Sheriff Patricia Norris, DVM, is unique in her own way. She is a specialist in the emerging field of veterinary forensics, which is the science of veterinary medicine applied to and suitable for a court of law. She focuses on the forensics especially involving animal cruelty type cases. Dr. Norris graduated from college in 1986 and has practiced as a licensed veterinarian in the states of Virginia, North Carolina and New Mexico.
Dr. Norris is the only veterinarian in the country working as a Sheriff’s veterinarian at this time. A recent announcement indicates the New Jersey Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals, which enforces their animal cruelty laws, just hired a forensic veterinarian. Apparently there may be a veterinarian who works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation on bio-terrorism, but not forensics. That puts Dr. Norris in a select and unique set of special individuals (
In addition to her sheriff duties, she has appeared on the A&E show “Hoarders,” as she works on different types of animal cases. Working on the show in five different states, she has had to help animals such as dogs, cats, chickens and goats get out of the terrible environments they were living in and helping them get a better and healthier way of living. One of the best parts of show, according to Dr. Norris, is working with the people and the hoarders themselves. She loves to help these people, and animals, find the best possible solutions for them.
If you have any concerns about the way your pets are living, let us know and we can have someone help. We want to make sure your animals stay happy and healthy!

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