Tips for Puppy Potty Training

            There aren’t
many events in life that are more exciting than bringing home a new puppy, but
one of the hardest things to do is housebreaking your new family member.
            If you are an
extremely busy person who lives alone you may have to hire someone to give you
a hand. For the first few weeks or so your puppy will need to be taken out
every 1-2 hours. See if there is a neighbor, family member or friend that would
be willing to lend a hand. There are even companies that offer puppy training
services if you run out of options. Sometimes this may be your best choice
since they already have training experience.
            When training
your new 4 legged friend, the most important things to remember are:
Be Consistent
Use Positive Reinforcement
-When bringing your puppy outside, make sure you are always
bringing them to the same general area. The puppy will begin to recognize this
routine and realize why he’s there.
-When your puppy goes to the bathroom where he/she is supposed
to, make a big deal about it. Let your puppy know that you are happy with
him/her and give them a treat for their success!

are a few very basic steps for successfully potty training your puppy.
Remember, like a toddler, they are learning every day & they absorb more
than you think. Be consistent, be positive, and be patient… And you will have a
potty trained puppy in no time at all!

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