Tips to Help Keep Your Pets Healthy For Poison Prevention Week


Poison prevention week is slowly coming to an end, but it’s important to keep household poisons away from your pets year-round!  Here are a few tips to help you poison-proof your home.

Poison Prevention Tips:

  • Poisonous Plants – Certain common plants can be toxic to your dog or cat.  Lillies are especially poisonous to cats.  Keep them away from your pets if you plan on getting any flowers for spring holidays like Mother’s Day.
  • Hang Up Your Bag – Purses, handbags, backpacks and other bags can contain medications, cigarettes, gum and other pet poisons.  Hang them up or keep them away so that your pet can’t rummage through them.
  • Put Away Cleaning Products – Keep pets out of the room while your spring cleaning your bathroom.  Bathroom cleansers and other cleaning products can be poisonous to your pet.  You should also remember to close the toilet lid to keep them from drinking the water – especially if you use a chemical tank or bowl treatment!
  • Keep Insecticides Away – Read the labels on any insecticides you use this spring.  Never use flea and tick products meant for dogs on your cat and keep rodenticides far away from your pets. 

Check out this article from the pet poison helpline for more information on how you can make sure that your pet stays healthy by avoiding household pet dangers.  If you do experience any pet health problems, contact our office immediately.  Our experienced veterinarians can help determine the reason behind your pet’s health issue and address problems early on.

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