Tips to Help Pets Stay Cool This Spring

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Does your pet love to
spend time outdoors?  Don’t forget to be
extra careful on hot days!  When your
pets head outside to play, go for a walk, or take care of business, make sure
that they do not overheat.  While we have
sweat glands all over our bodies, a dog’s sweat glands are limited to their
nose and the pads of their feet.  Here
are a few tips to help your pet cool down on hot days.
Pet Cool Down Tips:
  • Stay Hydrated – Just like us, pets
    tend to drink more water on hotter days.
    Keep an extra eye on the water bowl.
  • Kiddie Pool – Some pets love
      If your pet likes to splash
    around, consider getting a cheap, child-sized pool for them to wade or lie
      As an added bonus, you could even
    sneak in a bath during playtime.
  • Treats – Feed your pets treats that
    are both cool and high in water content.
    Dog ice cream can be found in many pet stores, or you can even make your
      If you go the DIY route, be sure
    that the ingredients you use are ok for your pet.
  • Shade – When your pets are outside,
    make sure that there is somewhere that they can go to take shelter from the
      A small tent or umbrella can help
    protect your pet.
  • Grooming –Many dogs have coats that
    act as insulation against heat and sunburn.
    They can also act as a natural cooling system.  However, a matted coat can prevent air flow
    across your dog’s skin.
      Keep your pets
    groomed and brush them frequently to keep the coat healthy.

For more tips on how to keep your
pet cool on hot days, read this article.  You can also learn more about how to care for
your pet by contacting our office.  Bregman Vet Group is happy to answer any
questions you have about caring for your pet!

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