Tips to Help Save on Pet Care Costs!

Did you know that Americans spent $50 billion on their pets
last year? If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably noticed that pets can get pricey! Here are 10 tips to help you save on pet care costs!

Find the right pet/breed for your budget– There are many
factors when considering what kind of pet to bring into your home. You may want
to ask yourself questions such as: Do I have the time to provide long walks and
activities to fulfill the needs of a larger dog? Would a smaller dog or indoor
cat be a better fit for my household?

Adopt a pet– If you’re on a tight budget and looking to do a
good deed- adopting a pet is a great option for you.

Find coupons for food and toys– If you do your research,
there are plenty of deal sites out there on the web that cater to pet freebies
and promotions! Another great way to save money is to buy your pet food in

Invest in preventative care– Be sure to keep up with routine
vet checkups for your pets. This can help dodge bigger medical issues and bills
in the future.

Treat illness promptly– Don’t put off vet care until an
illness worsens – this will most likely result in your vet bill costing an arm
and a leg for care!

Consider pet insurance– Many people have different opinions
on pet insurance and question whether it’s worth it or not. However, in some
cases, the right pet insurance could help alleviate big financial blows of
medical emergencies.

Learn DIY (do it yourself) grooming– Grooming your pet each
month can become extremely expensive. You can learn to groom your pet on your
own or you can choose a pet breed that is low-maintenance.

Invest in training– Pet training isn’t cheap, however,
having a well-behaved pet can reduce the likelihood of accidents happening
later on. For example, if you train your dog to get along well with other dogs,
it is less likely your pet will have a bad run in with your neighbor’s dog!

Find a reasonably priced sitter– There are many ways to find
reasonably priced pet care if you’re going out of town. Start by asking your
veterinarian for recommendations! Make sure that your pet sitter is bonded,
insured and certified by a professional organization!

Skip the fancy extras– Skip the pricey toys, gourmet foods
and treats and the trendy pet clothes – they really add up!

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