Tips to Keep Your Pet Fit for 2015


A New Year is the perfect time to make new goals for you and your pets.  Here are a few tips to help your pets stay healthy throughout 2015.

Health Tips for 2015:

  • Provide Plenty of Exercise – Dogs and cats need exercise to stay fit.  Go on a walk with your dog or bring them to a park.  During winter months you can try alternative exercises like a dog treadmill or balance cushions.  Don’t forget about your cats!  Use a laser pointer or wand toy to play with your cat and help them become active.  
  • Know Their Calorie Requirement – Many pet owners don’t realize how many calories they should be providing their pet with.  This can vary depending on your pet’s age, weight and activity level.
  • Use a Measuring Cup – Make sure that you are staying within your pet’s daily target range.  Use a measuring cup to help prevent overfeeding!
  • Don’t Forget About Treats – We know that pet owners love to get their dogs and cats treats and table scraps.  While this is ok on occasion, make sure you adjust your regular feedings to account for the extra calories!
Read this article for more tips on how to keep your pet fit and healthy in 2015.  

If you have any questions about how to care for your pets in the New Year, contact our office.  Our veterinarians are happy to help you with all of your pet’s health needs.

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