Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe Through The Fall Season

Fall is a festive time in lots of homes. Families enjoy wonderful meals together, fun holidays are celebrated and everyone enjoys cooler weather. Have you ever considered how the change in seasons and our holiday parties might impact your pets? Here are some tips that can help you keep your pets safe and happy during the fall season!

Keep Pets Away From The Holiday Table

Most people celebrate Thanksgiving and other harvest themed holidays in the fall with an elaborate meal for their families and friends. While you might be tempted to include your furry family members in your holiday meal, it’s much safer for them if you leave them out of those particular festivities. Poultry bones are brittle and shatter. They aren’t safe to give to your dog to chew on.  Be careful to keep them away from your pets after you dispose of them. 

You may be tempted to make your pets their own plate of holiday food.  However, lots of foods that humans enjoy are harmful and even poisonous to animals.Turkey and turkey skin can cause pancreatitis in dogs according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Onions, raisins, and grapes are also poisonous to pets. If you do decide to give your pet a special treat for the holidays, stick to something specifically designed to meet your pet’s dietary needs like their favorite dog or cat food.

Along with an indulgent meal, many people like to decorate their homes as they welcome in friends and family, or may receive flowers or a new houseplant as a gift. Double check any plants you display in your home (or outside your home if your pets can get to them).  Many decorative plants are harmful to animals. Leaving out certain decorations can save you from a heartache and an emergency vet appointment.

Stay Safe Around Houseguests

While you may want your pet to be social when guests come over, it can often be better to keep them away. This is especially important if they are prone to anxiety and might bolt for a door that a guest mistakenly leaves open. It’s a good idea to double check their collar and identification tags before guests come over so if your pet does get out, it will be easier for someone to get in touch with you. 

Even if your pet does well around new people, not all people do well around pets. If a loved one has an allergy or you think your dog might play a little too rough for a small child, it can be a good idea to keep them securely in a room with a closed door. Generally, keeping them in a familiar bedroom with a favorite toy and a comfortable bed is a good way to keep them safe and content while company is over. Be sure to give them plenty of attention when guests have left in case they’ve missed you!

Stay Safe As Temperatures Drop

Even if you’re living in a warm area like Florida, pets’ needs change as the temperatures drop. While animals have thick fur and may be comfortable in temperatures a little lower than humans are, that doesn’t mean that they should be left out in the cold! If you are concerned about your pet in the weather, talk to your veterinarian about ways to keep your pet comfortably at an appropriate temperature while you take them out. 

In addition to keeping your own pets safe, keep an eye out for animals that live in your community. It is very common for stray cats to seek out the warmth a car’s motor can provide. Protect them by giving them a heads up before you start your car. Knocking on the hood and slamming your car door can give them (or any other critter!) a heads up to make their way out of the car before you start the engine and injure them. It is also wise to take a peek under the car and make sure that no one taking shelter underneath!

The Perfect Time For A Check Up

Fall is the perfect time to take your pet in for a checkup, especially if you will be traveling soon. It’s a great idea to bring any questions about how to keep your pet healthy and happy to your veterinarian, like what foods might make a perfect special occasion treat or if your favorite plant is safe to keep nearby. Bregman Vet Group is happy to answer your questions and help you take care of your pet all year long!

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