Tips to Prevent Cat Odor

Don’t let your cat keep
your home from smelling fresh!  There are
several ways to minimize and fight cat odor. 
Keep your home clean and your cat happy with these simple prevention
Tips to Prevent Cat Odor:

  • Litter Type – The type of litter that you
    use can play a role in controlling odor.
    Certain litter varieties have built-in odor eliminators that help mask
    the scent.
      Each home should have one
    litter box per cat.
  • Deodorizers – If the litter your cat
    prefers isn’t naturally deodorizing, try sprinkling the litter with baking
  • Air Freshener – Find the right
    non-toxic air freshener for the rooms of your home with litter boxes.
      Purchase an air freshener that destroys odor molecules,
    not one that simply masks the scent.
  • Location – Litter boxes should be in
    quiet areas of your home both for your cat’s comfort and yours.
      Just make sure that the area is
  • Clean Often – Don’t forget to clean
    the litter box!
      One of the biggest reasons
    litter boxes smell is because pet owners forget to clean them.
      Litter boxes should be scooped at least once
    a day.
  • Diet – What your cat is eating has
    an effect on odor, as well as how often they go.
      Good nutrition keeps your cat healthy, but it
    also keeps your litter box less smelly too!

Read more tips on how to
fight cat odor in your home here.  If you are still having trouble keeping your
litter box from smelling, contact Bregman Vet Group.  Our experienced veterinarians can help you
determine if a change in your cat’s diet will help reduce odor.  

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