Tips to Prevent Dog Bites

This week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, so there’s no better time to
talk about how you can keep your family, and canine friends safe and free from
dog bites. Whether they’re small nips, or actual attacks, dog bites can be very
harmful, with approximately 800,000 incidents requiring medical attention each
year. Keep reading to find out our helpful tips for preventing bites.

Choose your pet carefully

Surprisingly, there is little evidence to show that dog biting is more common in
some breeds than others, however you should still select your pet carefully.
Before and after you choose your new dog, your vet is the best place to go for
information on potential behavior, health, and suitability.

Introduce pets and children with care

Dogs and kids can become best of friends, but it’s important when you’re
introducing any new member to your family that you take the steps to ensure a
successful introduction. Always supervise your children’s interactions with dogs,
including your own, and don’t put your dog in a position where he/she feels
threatened or teased.

Keep your dog healthy and well-trained

Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are kept up to date to prevent the spread of
diseases. Overall health care is important as it can impact the way your dog
feels, and therefore his/her behavior. Training your dog (including basic
commands like sit, stay, no, and come) is also important in developing an
obedience bond. Avoid rough games like tug of war or wrestling.

Be responsible

Lastly, being a responsible pet owner is one of the most important things you
can do to prevent dog bites. Obey leash laws, make sure your fence and gate
are secure, and walk/exercise your dog regularly to stimulate their minds. Also
consider having your dog spayed/neutered, as research has suggested that this
may be beneficial in behavior control.

You can find more information on dog bite prevention from the AVMA here, and
please contact us if you have any questions we can help answer.

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