Tips to Prevent Pet Theft


Pet theft is
unfortunately common.  Pure breeds,
designer dogs, and smaller breeds like Pomeranians, Yorkies, and Boston
Terriers are all popular targets.  No
matter the value or breed of pet that you own, you always want to make sure that your
best friend is safe.
Here are a few simple
that can help prevent pet theft:

  • Avoid Doggie Doors – Although you
    may feel like your backyard is a safe place for your pet, you should always be
    conscious of when they are outdoors.
    Those looking to steal neighborhood pets might sneak in unnoticed if
    your yard is visible from the street.
  • Keep Gates Secure – Install a spring
    latch on the backyard gate that forces the door closed.
      This will help keep your pet from getting
  • Never Leave Your Pet Unattended –
    Treat your pet like a child.
      Don’t leave
    your pet in the car while you shop or leave them tied to a pole.
      It’s not safe and it leaves an opening for
  • Check References – Hiring a pet
    sitter, dog walker, groomer or trainer can be helpful for you and your
      However, check your references
      Make sure that you can trust the
    professional you choose to hire.
  • Permanent Identification – If your
    pet goes missing, you want to have all the necessary documents to prove
      Microchips are a great way to
    ensure you can find and identify your pet.
    Just make sure you keep all the paperwork!
  • Spay or Neuter – We recommend that
    you do this anyway (there are several health benefits), but spaying or
    neutering your pet will also make them less desirable to thieves. This is
    especially true for pure breeds.

Learn more about what
you can do to prevent a dognapping or catnapping by clicking here.  We also offer free microchips for your cat or
dog with any regularly priced spay or neuter. 
Contact our office for more
information on how you can keep your pet safe. 
We look forward to helping ensure you and your pet have a long and
healthy relationship.

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