Tips To Remember When Dressing Your Pet Up This Halloween!

Are you planning on dressing up your pet for Halloween this
year? If so, it’s important to remember to pick a costume that is appropriate,
safe and comfortable for your pet!

Experts at the ASPCA suggest that you only put a Halloween costume on your pet if he/she will enjoy it. If you do decide to dress your pet
up for Halloween, there are a few important things you should remember!

The Halloween costume you choose for your pet should not
constrict his/her movement, hearing or impede their ability to breathe, bark or
meow. Try your pets costume on before Halloween, and if your pet seems to be in
discomfort or stressed, it is best to ditch the costume all together.

Examine the Halloween costume you purchased for your pet and
make sure there aren’t any small, dangling or easily chewed off pieces that
could cause harm to your pet. These small items may cause your pet to choke.

Under your pets Halloween costume, make sure their personal
identification is secured and visible in case they are to get lost during
Halloween festivities! 

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