Training Tips That Teach Your Cat to Play Nice

You love your cat – but
it can be frustrating when they scratch or bite you or a family member.  If your cat is struggling with behavioral
issues, take the time to train him or her. 
While you don’t want to inhibit their biological instincts, it’s okay to
discipline your cat to play nicely.  Here
are a few tips to help train your cat to get along with you and your family.

  • Verbal Commands – When your cat does
    something it’s not supposed to – say “No!”
    Don’t scare your cat by yelling, but let them know that you are serious
    and that what they are doing is wrong.
  • Cold Shoulder – The other option is
    to give your cat the silent treatment.
    Stop playing and showing affection as “punishment.”
  • Spray Bottles – If your cat is prone
    to biting often, keep a spray bottle on hand.
    Once it bites, immediately spray it with water.  This behavioral method will teach your cat to
    avoid the action that results in getting sprayed.
  • Play Areas – Set up a play area with
    a scratching post and toys.
      This will
    help your cat let out its need to scratch things without hurting you or a
    family member.
  • Rewards – Offer rewards for good
      If you notice your cat chooses
    to leave a situation rather than attack, offer a treat.

If you are still having
trouble disciplining and training your cat, contact our office.  Our experienced veterinarians can offer tips
and tricks to help improve the relationship between you and your cat. 

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