Travel Safely With Your Pets This Summer

The kids are just about our of school and it’s time to get
the vacation lined up, the clothes and family packed up and ready to go. But
what about your pets? Are they coming with you and do you know how to prepare to
keep them safe on the trip?

If you are taking your pet on vacation with you, driving is
the cheapest option considering the cost of plane tickets these days. Make sure
you know how to drive with them in the car.

According to Inga Fricke, Director of Sheltering and Pet
Care Issues at the Humane Society of the United States, you should plan ahead
before taking the trip. 
“You need to plan ahead on two fronts,” Fricke said. “First,
you need to practice with your pet. Get them ready to be in their crate or carrier
ahead of time, so you don’t suddenly have them in a carrier and also moving in
a car.”
You also want to be sure that your pet will stay safe in the
event of an accident. A pet loose in the backseat has virtually no protection
in a car crash. A sturdy crate or carrier could mean the different between life
and death for an animal (

Another part of planning your trip with your pet is to make
stops that won’t require you to leave your pet in the car. You should pack some
sandwiches, drinks and snacks, and pull over at a rest area or picnic area for
everyone to stretch their legs and go to the bathroom, which includes your pet.
Don’t put your dog’s leash attached to your bumper because you dog could seriously
injure their neck. Have the leash ready and accessible so you can hook them up
and take them for a walk.

Make sure that your dog has the proper identification on
them in case they get loose, and never leave them in a hot car with the windows
up. The car can heat up quicker than you think, and that could cause a
dangerous situation.

If you are taking a trip this summer with your pet and have
additional questions, please call us at the Bregman Vet Hospitals and we can
help answer any questions you may have. Have a great trip!

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