Traveling and Your Pet

With the holidays quickly approaching, travel plans abound with you planning travel, or those planning to travel and visit you. Take in mind these precautions during the upcoming holidays or during any other time of the year. 

Travel by air

If your travel plans include flying to your destination, talk with your veterinarian. Flying can put your pet at risk, particularly if you have a short nosed dog breed. Your veterinarian is your best source for on guiding you on how to safely travel with your pet. 

Travel by car/vehicle

When traveling by vehicle, NEVER leave your pet alone in the vehicle regardless of time or weather conditions. Ensure they are safely restrained in the car using either a carrier or harness system. Be sure they are placed clear of airbag deployment zones in case you are in an accident. Keep them away from food and other items you may be bringing along to ensure no distractions while driving. If you plan to travel outside of the country, be sure you have the necessary certificates from your veterinarian to travel there. 


If you plan to travel together, take time time to pack for them like you would for yourself. Ensure you have enough medications, food, records and other necessary information you may need for them. 


If you plan to drop them off at a boarding facility before you leave, take the time to visit your veterinarian to discuss their vaccinations and other ways to help protect them while they are there.
We hope these tips are helpful during the busy holiday travel season and beyond, and if you are traveling we wish you a safe and fun journey!

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