Types of Foods that are Hazardous to your Pets

If you have pets, you probably have an idea of what types of
foods can be hazardous to your pets. Here are a couple of types of foods that can be hazardous to your pets!

  • Macadamia nuts – cause weakness, depression, vomiting,
    tremors and hyperthermia
  • Grapes/Raisins – can result in kidney failure which can be
    fatal if medical attention or treatment isn’t received
  • Onions/Onion Powder – causes damage to red blood cells which
    can lead to anemia in cats and dogs
  • Chocolate – can lead to hyperactivity, increased heart rate,
    tremors, vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, and increased urination
  • Raw bread/dough – can lead to abdominal pain/bloating
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