Use Common Sense When Exercising With Your Dog

It’s a beautiful Spring day, and your dog has been cooped up all winter inside the house and walking around the backyard, but is itching to get out there for that leisurely stroll. You get the leash ready and figure you will go walk a few miles with your four-legged friend.
Dogs, like humans, shouldn’t be stretched to the limit when it comes to exercising. If they have not been very active all winter long, they need to be eased into their daily walking routines instead of asked to walk miles and miles each day.
Take some time to think about the weather, your pet’s health, physical condition and temperament.
“There are things people forget in their urge to get out there in the beautiful spring weather with their best friend,” said veterinarian Tim Wright of Middletown Veterinary Hospital. “First of all, even if your dog is young, and you believe healthy, ask yourself is he’s ready for an extended walk or run. They are just like us, and if they’ve been cooped up all winter they need to get into shape, too. Not every dog is ready to run two miles.”
When thinking about the right workout for your dog, also consider the type of surface upon which the dog will be walking or running. Heat and humidly should also be taken into account for you, your family and your pet. (
You should also bring a bottle of water for yourself and your pet, and a plastic bag to clean up after them if they decide they need to go to the bathroom. Take that leisurely stroll and enjoy the warm weather we’ve been having. Get yourself and your dog into shape before extending your walks a little more each day.
If you have any questions about your pets taking long walks or having trouble breathing in the warm outdoor elements, make sure to call us at one of the Bregman Vet Hospitals so we can check the health of your pet and give you the best possible advice.

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