Vacation Tips for Pet Owners


As we
all know, vacations are costly. If you have pets, housing your pets in pet
hotels while you’re vacationing can really add up. The
Mineola Patch offers different alternatives to keep your pets
entertained, fed and happy while you’re away.
chain pet hotels are not expensive as the super luxury pet hotels but both can
put a dent in your wallet. Mineola Patch
interviewed Jacqui Linder who owns a dog and a few tropical fish.
says the smartest and least expensive way to make sure your pets are fed while
you’re on vacation is to ask trustful neighbors to help out.
are a few tips Linder gives to make sure both your neighbor and pet are
  • It is
    important that you trust your neighbor not only tending to your pets but also
    being in your home.
  • Make
    sure your neighbors are not allergic to your pets.
  • Sometimes
    pets can be too difficult to care fore. More exotic animals tend to have more
    needs, which should be best left to a professional.
  • Make
    sure your neighbor is well prepared and trained to take care of your pets. If
    your pet needs medication show your neighbor the best way to give the medicine.

options include keeping your pets at your local vets.
Bregman Veterinary
Group provides great medical and boarding services for your pets. For more
information please visit

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more on Linder’s tips please CLICK HERE

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