Valentines Day for Pets

Show your furry friend some extra love this Valentine’s day with some fun ideas and things to do for them! Here is a list of ideas to consider doing with or for your pet this Valentines.

  • Just like kids enjoy the toy store and picking out what they want, your pet does too. Many pet stores have an open door policy for leashed pets, so take them in and let them smell around the shelves for that perfect toy to take home and start playing with. 
  • Avoid the candy aisle for your furry friends Valentine’s day treat. Instead look for a Pet Bakery, this new phenomenon is becoming common all over, and they specialize in making treats that meet a pet’s dietary restrictions. Or if your feeling extra creative you could try making your own home made treats!
  • Plan a day just for them. Maybe an extended walk or park adventure for the ones that love running around. Forget about the rough day at the office and relax and enjoy the time with your furry friend. Not only will this benefit your pet and their health, but yours as well! 
  • Schedule some social time with fellow pet owners to get your furry friends together and enjoy some social time of your own while doing so. 

Whether February 14th is your favorite time of year or not, think outside the typical flowers and chocolates box when you’re planning out Valentine’s Day with your pet. Be creative, have fun and remember it’s about letting your furry friend know they are appreciated and LOVED!

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