VetOfficeSuite Client/Patient Tab Information


This blog is a continuation of the intro blogs to We encourage you to pass this information along to your veterinarian. is an exceptional resource for veterinarians and is designed to provide convenience and accessibility to veterinarian practices at an affordable price.
Below is a screenshot of what veterinarians would see on the “client/patient” tab.
From this tab, veterinarians can create new clients, search existing clients, and find a new patient by searching:
  • Client Name
  • Patient Name
  • Phone #
  • Client #
  • Microchip #
  • Rabies Tag Code #

Users can also find basic information about patients, including all records, soap forms and patient documents all in one spot.

We would appreciate you passing this information along to your veterinarian and express how user friendly is. For more information, please email all questions to 

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