THE BREGMAN VETERINARY GROUP is a cloud based veterinary practice management program.  It was developed by the Bregman Vet Group to give veterinarians around the world the flexibility to manage their practice from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Below is a screenshot of the dashboard that all veterinarians would see when logging into

From the dashboard, users are able to-

  • View Today’s Appointments
  • Create new clients
  • Schedule a New Appointment
  • Create new transactions
  • Check inventory
  • See reminders due
  • View Open Invoices does not only provide flexibility and convenience for veterinarians, it’s also super user friendly.

Please share this information with your veterinarian. To show you just how easy it is to use from a tablet, we’ll send any veterinary practice a FREE iPad mini with a one year subscription. (Offer available until 1/15/14)
For more information, please visit us at or email us at 

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